Hitman 2 Silent Assassin – a better game

Hitman 2 Silent Assassin is a third person silent shooter game, in which the basic idea is sneaking. Hitman Codename 47’s successor brings a number of improvements, but let’s take them one at a time.

The missions consist in killing one or more people, but how you kill them it’s up to you since the game is giving you a multitude of possibilities. Whether you want to finish your mission through dark corners to avoid direct contact or choose direct confrontation and shoot everything that moves left and right, again it’s just up to you.

47 can disguise to conceal the landscape or to enter restricted places. When you are camouflaged and you happen to be near enemies you will see a bar of suspicion that grows as you sit next to them and become more nervous. To avoid suspicions it is best to wear the same weapon as the one whom you took clothes to disguise yourself. 47 cover may be destroyed if the suspicion is too high and then your disguise is of no use.

Hitman 2 is also designed to give a touch of each mission, based on the approach: if you remove just the final target without any other collateral damage you receive a “Silent Assassin” note; instead if you kill everything that moves and you don’t let anyone escape you get “Mass Murderer” note. The game rewards players who think every mission because it wants to not be treated as a simple shooter. If you manage to finish all assignments on Silent Assassin you get bonuses and new weapons.

The story begins in Sicily, where 47 was retired to a monastery. The he works for father Vittorio, who is his best friend and mentor, and to whom he confesses his sins to be forgiven.

The sounds of the game are impressive, the music, the voice or ambient sounds, weapon sounds, all are realistic and amazing. Hitman’s voice is much improved compared to the first part, with a slight European accent. The soundtrack performed by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra is outstanding.

Hitman 2 Silent Assassin is certainly an improvement compared to the first game. Clearly IO Interactive listened to fans and listened to all the complaints and so they made this game to be a superior game, a game without too many problems with the gameplay improved, a game addressed to all gamers looking for action combined with snuck elements.